Creating joy.

AuthorEllis, Josh

There are many things that bring me joy: listening to a podcast I love while cooking a nice dinner for two, or taking my dog for a walk on a crisp morning. I find joy in helping the career growth of a member of my team by sharing some knowledge or perspective, or in reading a book that teaches me how I can be more effective. I find it in the sense of accomplishment after leaving the gym, or the feeling of perfect contentedness when putting my feet up on the coffee table at the kickoff of a big game.

Most of all, I find joy in the daily process of becoming the best version of myself, and while that means a pursuit of constant improvement, it also means developing my ability to savor wonderful things in the moment. Maybe not coincidentally, this issue of SUCCESS--with joy as its theme--has been created to help you achieve both goals as well. This edition of the magazine is meant to help you on your climb to reach your potential and to remind you how great you've got it now.

Our cover story (Page 34), on the most interesting filmmaker in Hollywood, J.J. Abrams, shares an example of the ways that following a passion brings out the best in you. Our annual coronation of the...

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