Creating an 'experience' pays big dividends.

Author:Smithfield, Taylor

While these state-of-the-art facilities are specifically built to offer shooters a high-end experience, the customer service principle behind their amenities is simple: If you create an engaging atmosphere and communal environment marketed toward shooters of varying ages and skill levels (to lower the barrier to entry), your facility can turn into the Starbucks of gun ranges--a place where everyone wants to be.

So how do you do this on a smaller scale if you're running a gun range or shop minus the square footage and leather lounges of a guntry club? You get creative with the space you have. Consider hosting a family day in your parking lot by inviting food trucks out in conjunction with a sale, class or firearms demonstration. You could find a vendor who serves a unique fare like Family Shooting Center's (Aurora, Colo.) offering of gourmet bratwursts made with buffalo, elk, pheasant, wild boar and jackalope.

Host events in your space like P2K Range's (El Cajon, Calif.) annual comedy night called "Guns & Grins" which features "high-caliber comedians" and "magnum laughs." Ladies nights, like the ones ATP Gunshop & Range...

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