Crazy Rich Asians.

Author:Kwan, Kevin
Position:Book review

By Kevin Kwan

Kevin Kwan was raised in Singapore and lives in Manhattan. Crazy Rich Asians is his first novel.


THE STORY: When Rachel Chu, a New York academic, agrees to accompany her boyfriend Nick Young to his old friend's wedding in Singapore, she has no idea that the wedding in question will join two of the wealthiest families in the world or that Nick himself comes from just such a family. Arriving in Singapore, the down-to-earth Chinese American is swept into a heady, vicious world of gossip, classism, and unthinkable affluence, where her station is held against her by all who have a stake in Nick's future inheritance. What unfolds is a tale of complex relationships and tested love--a portrait of excess and insularity seen through the eyes of a dazzled outsider.

Doubleday. 403 pages. $25.95. ISBN: 9780385536974

Boston Globe ****

"One of the few drawbacks of the narrative is the deliberate litany of name-dropping and designer brands, which grows a little wearisome. ... Kwan certainly knows how to tell a lively, generous story of shallow extravagance and human devotion." S. KIRK WALSH

Cleveland Plain Dealer ****

"Clever and catty, the story purrs, with a sleepy kind of comforting mindlessness, toward a predictable, but contented, resolution. Pack it for the beach: Kwan's novel is a tasty way to verify our suspicions and succor our moral superiorities." EARL PIKE

Entertainment Weekly ****

"At times Kwan can't decide whether to criticize the luxe life or just let us drool over it, but this 48-karat beach read is crazy fun." STEPHAN LEE

NPR ****

"Gleefully camp humor ... saves the novel from being a roll call of predictable characters. ... The expository nature of the novel is no more evident than in the copious footnotes, whose chirpy humor can't disguise their earnestness." TASH AW


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