Crane, E.M.: Skin deep.

Author:Flint-Ferguson, Janis
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

CRANE, E.M. Skin deep. Random House, Delacorte. 288p. c2008. 978-0-385-73479-0. $16.99. (Lib. bdg: 978-0-385-90477-3. $19.99.) JS

Andrea Anderson does not like to get involved. She sits on the edge of her high school environment and watches the world, carefully protecting her emotions. When her homeroom teacher commits suicide at school, she keeps her distance from grief. Her mother learns that a neighbor is in the hospital and volunteers Andrea to take care of the woman's dog. Zena is a big St. Bernard who scares her, but Andrea grows fond of the dog and enjoys the time she spends taking care of her. When the neighbor Honora returns, she engages Andrea in conversation and before long offers Andrea a job permanently taking care of the dog and helping her with her pottery and artwork. Slowly but surely Andrea is drawn out of her observation post and into life. She even makes friends with one of the high school cheerleaders, Ashley, who shares her own love of dogs and drives Andrea to school...

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