Cragbridge Hall.

Author:Walker, Nancy
Position:Children's review - Book review

Chad Morris (author); CRAGBRIDGE HALL; Shadow Mountain (Children's: Juvenile Fiction) 17.99 ISBN: 9781609073268

Byline: Nancy Walker

Imagine what might happen if Harry Potter and Nancy Drew joined forces to save the planet. Meet twins Abby and Derick Cragbridge, seventh-grade grandchildren of famed inventor Oscar Cragbridge, whose super-exclusive boarding school is no ordinary academy.

Here, lessons come to life -- literally -- with the aid of his fantastic, yet credible, inventions: 3-D holograms, a mind-reading chair, avatars, virtual reality experiences, and a secret invention so powerful it could change history, for better or worse. a[micro]

The twins are on a mission to save the world in Cragbridge Hall: The Inventor's Secret, a middle-grade tale by Chad Morris. They smell foul play when their grandfather and parents disappear. Against all odds, they follow the cryptic clues Oscar left behind, using their grandfather's inventions to test themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to save their family, world history, and the future of mankind.

Set in the year 2074, The Inventor's Secret is a good-versus-evil adventure mystery sure to grab the attention of middle-grade students. Morris, a comedy writer and performer, teacher, and curriculum developer, has created characters who have distinctive personalities. Oscar is both the world's foremost inventor and a down-to-earth fellow who frequently counsels patience...

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