Cracking The Ancient Codes.

Position:Book review

Cracking The Ancient Codes

Adekunle Rowaiye

Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Company

9781628570588, $14.50, 272pp,

Synopsis: There exists the force of good and evil, which are both actively interfering in the affairs of men and operate by dynamics not explicitly understood by mortals. It appears that man's actions and inactions are engineered by unseen forces that manipulate him to accomplish a specific purpose. It also appears that in the fulfillment of prophecy, Satan is an unpaid worker in the kingdom of God. This treatise, "Cracking the Ancient Codes", captures vividly the intrigues behind the Bible stories from the spiritual dimension. It narrates the story of the Seed and the Serpent, manifesting in different forms as they engaged in unabated contention throughout the ages. The intentions of Satan are clear: to frustrate the manifestation of the Seed, by either defiling or destroying the Seed's ancestors. In this plot, Israel and Jerusalem are the sacred sites; the Jews and later the church are the principal actors. Without ambiguity, the Light shines with an outstanding luminance and...

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