Coyote Winds.

Author:Sondhi, Alicia
Position:Book review

Helen Sedwick (author); COYOTE WINDS; Ten Gallon Press (Fiction: Historical) ISBN: 9780615692616

Byline: Alicia Sondhi

"We were pioneers in a pickup truck." In 1929, twelve-year-old Myles Vincent's family headed out to Vona, Colorado, to an abandoned family homestead. Like so many others, Myles's father, Lionel, believed that with all the new advances in technology, they could farm the Great Plains and fulfill the American Dream.

Years later, Myles shares stories of his life on the prairie with his grandson, Andy. Andy yearns for a bit of the freedom and adventure his grandfather had. When Myles passes away, Andy is haunted by his promise to write down and share his grandfather's stories. He sets out to learn as much as he can about the time and place his grandfather knew as home -- and about the coyote who was such an important part of his life.

Sedwick doesn't rely solely on historical facts to set the stage for Coyote Wind, nor does she simply state when the novel takes place. Instead, she creates authentic moments that showcase the American West in the 1930s. The time, place, and spirit of the era become as large a part of the novel as the characters, and are equally significant.

Sedwick reminds readers that people are profoundly affected by their time and place, and many of her characters embody that. As a main...

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