A cowgirl finds her dream in Cowgirl Cream.

Position:Donna Baase; Cowgirl Enterprises Ltd. - Brief Article

Donna Baase can't believe it sometimes -- a product she created has made it to the top of the world, Mount Everest, and to the bottom of the globe, Antarctica.

And in both cases, the people who took it to the ends of the globe can't thank her enough.

Baase is the founder of Boulder-based Cowgirl Enterprises Ltd., a little outfit that five years ago began producing Cowgirl Cream, and today has expanded into a line of five natural skin care products -- Ranch Hand Cream, Cowgirl's Lip Balm, Trail Boss Bar and Extreme Cream. She's even wrangled up samples in a Cowgirl's Trail Kit.

"When we packed our gear to head to the Everest region, we packed Cowgirl products," said Pasquale Scaturro, a Lakewood veteran of seven Himalayan expeditions, including two to Mount Everest. "After climbing Everest all day, your skin at 29,000 feet gets pretty dry and your hands crack and bleed, so that lotion is a nice, cool feel on your skin."

Scaturro is by no means a paid endorser of the product. In fact, he was reluctant to try something so filly-sounding as Cowgirl when his wife brought it home from a Vitamin Cottage store.

"I like to think of myself as a big mountain man, not a cowgirl," he laughed. "And I was glad when they came out with the Extreme Cream. That's more for me."

Baase has heard raves from a wheelchair athlete who uses the muscle-soothing Trail Boss Bar, and a woman on a science project in Antarctica who e-mailed that Cowgirl "brought a little fun and beauty" to a very bleak place.

"A cowgirl is anybody who takes the reins, stays in the saddle and rides through life," Baase said. "It's the most American girl you can ever be -- you go, girl, go."

Cowgirl Enterprises was born out of a 1994 trip Baase and her family took across arid Wyoming. She imagined the pioneer...

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