COVID-19 and the VAT Response.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to greatly impact the global economy, one area in which countries have attempted to ease the burden is value-added tax (VAT). Some countries have chosen simply to accelerate VAT refunds or offer payment extensions or deferment, but many have decided to reduce VAT rates significantly or cut them altogether on goods related to the outbreak, such as medical equipment. In this issue of Tax Executive, we highlight some of the specific rate reductions, as noted by the Tax Foundation in "Tracking Economic Relief Plans Around the World During the Coronavirus Outbreak."

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Through the end of May, VAT was reduced from 3% to 1% for small businesses.

3%[right arrow]1%


VAT for goods related to addressing the outbreak was reduced from 24% to 6%.

24%[right arrow]6%

South Korea

The VAT...

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