'Covering' the board: what the world of governance looked like ... from the front covers of directors & boards.



Volume 1, Number 1: And we're off! Founder Stanley Foster Reed, in his opening editorial comment, professes a belief "in private enterprise and the profit system and the institution of the corporation," but not past the point when the public is exploited. Corporate directors are duly warned that this new journal will be watching and commenting on their role and activities.



Our First Cover Redesign: It is prompted by the new ownership of the journal by The Hay Group, with Milton L Rock, Hay's managing partner, taking on the publisher's role. Writes Milt Rock in his opening Letter from the Publisher: "To be chosen as a member of a board of directors is the highest accolade for anyone who wishes to make an important contribution to American business. ... We are devoted to meeting the special needs for ideas and information that people have only at the pinnacle of leadership in American business."


FALL 1986

Our 10th Anniversary: This is our first special issue to celebrate a publishing milestone. Sitting down with editor James Kristie to talk about his life at GE and in corporate boardrooms, Reginald Jones says, "The greatest satisfaction I have being an outside director is to see the growth and development of the corporations that I serve. You feel you're part of all that."



A New Decade, and a New Cover Design: This issue's power-packed lineup of authors and commentators include Peter Peterson, Mario Gabelli, Ira Millstein, Robert Monks, John Train, Nell Minow, Joseph Grundfest, and Tony Burns. With the theme of this issue, we have inklings but have not yet quite gauged just how explosive a decade for institutional investor activism lies ahead.


FALL 1991

Our 15th Anniversary Issue: This issue offers a compelling opportunity to take a more expansive view of governance for a world rapidly globalizing. We recruit a bluechip cast of authors to explain how they are rising to the challenge. As Time Warner Chairman Steve Ross writes: "We Americans are often more than a little naive when it comes to doing business internationally, which is why we've been so badly outplayed."


FALL 1996

The 20th Anniversary Issue: And, yes, a cover redesign. We mark this milestone by not only publishing the biggest issue to date in the journal's history but by also making the design leap from an all-text cover to a "people" cover. And who better to grace our first such cover and keynote this special issue than Norman Augustine, then the CEO of Lockheed Martin Corp...

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