Cover Her Body.

Author:Gardner, Diane
Position:Book review

Eleanor Sullivan (author); COVER HER BODY; Yesteryear Press (Fiction: Mystery) $14.99 ISBN: 9781936214556

Byline: Diane Gardner

In Cover Her Body, Adelaide Bechtmann, a midwife and holistic healer, discovers the body of a sixteen-year-old girl and quickly concludes she was murdered. Revealing the truth could inadvertently implicate her and cost her the medical practice and more. But she cannot remain silent. She investigates, only to find her community, so carefully guarded by rules, cannot accept the possibility of a murder and even provides the perfect hiding place for the culprit. With little help, save for advice from her mentor, she presses on despite danger to herself and her loved ones. It's a choice between risking it all for what she believes is right or keeping up her community's faAs.ade of peace. Meanwhile, if the murderer doesn't stop her, the authorities will.

Eleanor Sullivan weaves a unique historical medical mystery set in the utopian Zoar Separatist community of 1830s Ohio, a tale that explores individual faith, women's rights, and unrelenting courage -- courage to stand for the right thing, no matter the cost. The book also examines what happens when idealistic views fall apart, how...

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