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THE SUPREME COURT OF FLORIDA Supreme Court Building, 500 South Duval Street, Tallahassee 32399-1925 * Chief Justice R. Fred Lewis 850/488-0007 Gail Posey, Judicial Assistant Michelle Ballard, Career Staff Attorney Kerri McNulty, Staff Attorney Stephen McDaniel, Senior Staff Attorney Maria Barker, Judicial Assistant B.J. Vickers, Judicial Assistant James J. Logue, Reporter of Decisions 850/922-9793 Ken Chambers, Inspector General 850/488-9123 Craig Waters, Director of Public Information 850/414-7641 Fax: 850/922-6625 Deborah Meyer, Director of Central Staff Justice Charles T. Wells 850/921-1096 Pamela Moody Blackwell, Judicial Assistant Lyyli Van Whittle, Staff Attorney Courtney Brewer, Staff Attorney Amity Boye, Staff Attorney Justice Harry Lee Anstead 850/488-2281 Kay Livings, Judicial Assistant Carrie Ann Wozniak, Staff Attorney Meredith Fields, Staff Attorney Robert Witmeyer, Staff Attorney Justice Barbara J. Pariente 850/488-8421 Brenda Williams, Judicial Assistant Glen P. Gifford, Career Staff Attorney Mara Tickett, Staff Attorney Tenikka Cunningham, Staff Attorney Justice Peggy A. Quince 850/922-5624 Glenda Larry, Judicial Assistant Richard Coombs, Staff Attorney Susan O'Halloran, Career Staff Attorney Kevin Pittman, Staff Attorney Justice Raoul G. Cantero III. 850/410-8092 Lily Dominguez, Judicial Assistant Dalana Johnson, Career Staff Attorney Robert Fojo, Staff Attorney Kevin Jones, Staff Attorney Justice Kenneth B. Bell 850/488-2361 Pat Madden, Judicial Assistant Natalie Kirk, Staff Attorney Elaine Walter, Staff Attorney Elizabeth Husa, Staff Attorney Thomas D. Hall, Clerk 850/488-0125 After hours emergency pager 850/251-1972 Debbie Causseaux, Chief Deputy Clerk Gregory Philo, Staff Attorney Vickie Van Lith, Administrative Assistant Elisabeth H. Goodner, State Courts Administrator 850/922-5081 Kevin White, Acting Marshal 850/488-8845 Billie Blaine, Librarian 850/922-5520 Regular Terms: January 1st July 1st Oral Arguments: First full week of each month, beginning with Mondays, excluding holidays. No oral arguments during recess. * Supreme Court Justices--32399-1925 * Supreme Court Library--32399-1926 * Supreme Court Clerk's Office--32399-1927 * Supreme Court Marshal's Office--32399-1928 DISTRICT COURTS OF APPEAL FIRST DISTRICT STATE OF FLORIDA 301 S. Martin L. King, Jr., Blvd. Tallahassee 32399-1850 (Comprising the 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 8th, and 14th Circuits) Chief Judge Charles J. Kahn, Jr. 850/487-1000 Caroline Johnson and Bill Collins, Law Clerks Linda Bulecza, Craig Hewitt, Allison Hunter, Eugenia Keough Rains, Courtney Lee, Dawn Mackland, Edna Parker Mann, Ken McLaughlin, Kent R. Putnam, Matthew Simmonds, Rachiae Wilson, Central Staff Attorneys Judge Richard W. Ervin III 850/487-1000 Ellen B. Gwynn and Beverly Gibson, Law Clerks Judge Edward T. Barfield 850/487-1000 Sheila Callahan and Carol D. Peacock, Law Clerks Judge Michael E. Allen 850/487-1000 Robert Lewis and Mark Murray, Law Clerks Judge James R. Wolf 850/487-1000 Sarah Harley and Ana Freire, Law Clerks Judge Peter D. Webster 850/487-1000 Gregory Martinson and Diane Scott, Law Clerks Judge Marguerite H. Davis 850/487-1000 Letisha Bivins and Tim Lewis, Law Clerks Judge Robert T. Benton II 850/487-1000 Brittany Long and Gigi Rollini, Law Clerks Judge William A. Van Nortwick, Jr. 850/487-1000 Terry Milla and Cindy Piotrowski, Law Clerks Judge Philip J. Padovano 850/487-1000 Janeia Daniels and Laura Methvin, Law Clerks Judge Edwin B. Browning, Jr. 850/487-1000 Sara Steetle and Phillip Tomberlin, Jr., Law Clerks Judge Joseph Lewis 850/487-1000 Susan Konik Huber and Erin Davies, Law Clerks Judge Ricky L. Polston 850/487-1000 David Beyer and Carly Schrader, Law Clerks Judge Paul M. Hawkes 850/487-1000 Renee Hill and Natalie Davy, Law Clerks Judge Bradford L. Thomas 850/922-4020 Aubrey Posey and Matthew Scanlan, Law Clerks Jon S. Wheeler, Clerk 850/488-6151 Donald H. Brannon, Marshal 850/488-8136 Regular Terms: At Headquarters. Special Terms: Judicial circuits of districts having ready business. Motion Days: As scheduled. Oral Argument Days: As scheduled. SECOND DISTRICT STATE OF FLORIDA Headquarters: P.O. Box 327 (33802) 1005 E. Memorial Blvd. Lakeland 33801 Branch Headquarters: 1700 N. Tampa St., Suite 300 Tampa 33602 (Comprising the 6th, t0th, 12th, 13th, and 20th Circuits) Located at Lakeland Headquarters: Chief Judge Carolyn K. Fulmer 863/499-2290 Karen M. Kinney and Jay Thomas, Law Clerks Nicholas A. Whittle, Ronald C. Glickman, Sarah E. Corbett, Laura A. Turbe, Adrienne A. Sampson, Chris Donovan, Robin J. McManigal Central Staff Attorneys Judge Charles A. Davis, Jr., 863/499-2290 Margaret H. White-Small and Karen Rossi, Law Clerks Judge Charles T. Canady 863/499-2290 Dionne M. Skelton and Jordan Wells, Law Clerks Judge Craig G. Villanti 863/499-2290 Dorothy Trogolo and Beth Carlson, Law Clerks Judge Douglas A. Wallace 863/499-2290 Amy Milles and Terri Bryson, Law Clerks Judge Edward C. LaRose 863/499-2290 Carol Castleberry and Jennifer Y. Fogle, Law Clerks Jennifer Mooney, Director Central Staff 863/499-2290 James R. Birkhold, Clerk 863/499-2290 Velma Johnson, Marshal 863/499-2290 Located at Tampa Branch: Judge Chris W. Altenbernd 813/272-3430 Kristen A. Norse and Kimberly Jones, Law Clerks Judge James W. Whatley 813/272-3430 Jill E. Pettigrew and Bonnie E. Eshleman, Law Clerks Judge Stevan T. Northcutt 813/272-3430 Frances H. Toomey and Mary Beth Kuenzel, Law Clerks Judge Darryl C. Casanueva 813/272-3430 Christina C. McAdams and Patricia Williams, Law Clerks Judge E.J. Salcines 813/272-3430 Nancy N. Burton and Ilyse R. Robertson, Law Clerks Judge Thomas E. Stringer, Sr. 813/272-3430 Joye B. Walford and Tracy Ledoc, Law Clerks Judge Morris Silberman 813/272-3430 Deborah A. Tozier and Shari D. Castagnos, Law Clerks Judge Patricia J. Kelly 813/272-3430 Lorraine P. Nertney and Donna K Valenti, Law Clerks Regular Terms: At Lakeland Headquarters and Tampa Branch Headquarters. Special Terms: One session every year in each judicial circuit within the district wherein there is ready business to transact. Motion Days: As scheduled. Oral Argument Days: As scheduled. Filings: Lakeland headquarters. THIRD DISTRICT STATE OF FLORIDA 2001 S.W. 117 Ave. Miami 33175-1716 (Comprising the 11th and 16th Circuits) Chief Judge Gerald B. Cope, Jr. 305/229-3200 Barbara Perez and Monica Cronin, Law Clerks Judge David L. Levy 305/229-3200 Jessica Fonseca-Nader and April Veilleux, Law Clerks Judge David M. Gersten 305/229-3200 Margaret Brenan Correoso and Kimberly Kanoff, Law Clerks Judge Melvia B. Green 305/229-3200 Ila Klion and Mercedes Prieto Alonso-Knapp, Law Clerks Judge John G. Fletcher 305/229-3200 Sara Reyes Garcia and Melanie Trexler, Law Clerks Judge Juan Ramirez, Jr. 305/229-3200 Mercy Sarria-Sanchez and Montserrat Bond, Law Clerks Judge Linda Ann Wells 305/229-3200 Gale Bramnick and Kyle Nickel, Law Clerks Judge Frank A. Shepherd 305/229-3200 Erin Loeb and Michael Hirschkowitz, Law Clerks Judge Richard J. Suarez 305/229-3200 Diane Kuker and Erin Kinney, Law Clerks Judge Angel A. Cortinas 305/229-3200 Maria P. Gonzalez and Yelena Shneydernan, Law Clerk Judge Leslie B. Rothenberg 305-229-3200 Rosa Rodriguez and Peter Brown, Law Clerks Senior Judge Alan R. Schwartz 305/229-3200 Susan Faerber, Law Clerk Mary Cay Blanks, Clerk 305/229-3200 Debbie McCurdy, Deputy Clerk 305/229-3200 Dorothy Munro, Marshal 305/229-3200 Fax: 305/229-3206 Joanne Sargent, Court Counsel 305/229-3200 Oral Argument Days: Monday through Thursday at 9 a.m. FOURTH DISTRICT STATE OF FLORIDA 1525 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd. (33401) P.O. Box 3315 West Palm Beach 33402 (Comprising the 15th, 17th, and 19th Circuits) Chief Judge W. Matthew Stevenson 561/242-2058 Mishannock Arzt and Melissa Gillinov, Law Clerks Judge Bobby W. Gunther 561/242-2033 Harley Chivers and Kristi Bergemann, Law Clerks Judge Barry J. Stone 561/242-2038 Diane Howard and Sherry Whitacre, Law Clerks Judge Martha C. Warner 561/242-2023 Janelle Bernstein and Jake Williams, Law Clerks Judge Mark E. Polen 561/242-2043 Joy Mattingly and Gabriel Estadella, Law Clerks Judge Gary M. Farmer 561/242-2048 Krista Kovalcin and Laura Fortney, Law Clerks Judge Larry A. Klein 561/242-2053 Judith Kolich and Mary Dawson, Law Clerks Judge George A. Shahood 561/242-2063 Jonathan Mann and Todd Alfuth, Law Clerks Judge Robert M. Gross 561/242-2068 Jason D. Joffe and Michele R. Forte, Law Clerks Judge Carole Y. Taylor 561/242-2073 Randy Ellison and Margaret Wood, Law Clerks Judge Fred A. Hazouri 561/242-2078 Barbara Kelley and Kristen Boyles, Law Clerks Judge Melanie G. May 561/242-2028 Hudson Gil and Leanne Innet, Law Clerks Central Staff Attorneys: Lauren Liebman, Lori Weiss, Marcia Adler, David Halpern, Rachel Glasser, Joseph Levis, Jennifer Brooks, Danielle Appignani Marilyn N. Beuttenmuller, Clerk 561/242-2000 Glen G. Rubin, Marshal 561/242-2109 Regular Terms: (At Headquarters) Second Tuesday in January; second Tuesday in July. Special Terms: At least one each year in each judicial circuit within the district. Motion Days: As noticed. Oral Arguments: As scheduled and noticed. FIFTH DISTRICT STATE OF FLORIDA 300 South Beach St, Daytona Beach 32114 (Comprising the 5th, 7th, 9th, and 18th Circuits) Chief Judge Robert J. Pleus, Jr. 386/947-1550 John N. Bogdanoff, Career Attorney David M. Barr, Senior Law Clerk Sharon Serra, Senior Law Clerk Judge Kerry I. Evander 386/947-1518 Suzanne L. Place, Career Attorney Elaine M. Williams, Career Attorney Judge C. Alan Lawson 386/947-1506 Eric V. Hull, Law Clerk Tu-Quynh N. Vu, Career Attorney Judge Jacqueline R. Griffin 386/947-1583 Julie C. Askew, Career Attorney Cynthia B. Wilson, Senior Law Clerk Judge Emerson R. Thompson, Jr. 386/947-1576 Michael Giel, Law Clerk Carol A. Behnken, Senior Law Clerk Judge Thomas D. Sawaya 386/947-1555 Joanne P. Simmons, Career Attorney Carrie Lathan, Law Clerk...

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