Court Trashes Primary Purpose Test, Creates Potential Public Charity Classification Chaos

Published date01 October 2019
Date01 October 2019
The US District Court for Minnesota, by decision dated August 6, held that
the Mayo Clinic is an educational organization, in the face of the federal govern-
ment’s contention that the entity is primarily a health care organization, thereby
trashing the venerable primary purpose test—and enabling Mayo to secure an
$11.5 million tax refund judgment (Mayo Clinic v. United States).
Mayo is the parent organization of several hospitals, clinics, and the Mayo
Clinic College of Medicine and Science. The college is composed of five medi-
cal schools. As the court stated the matter, Mayo describes its “educational and
patient-care activities as essential to each other and inextricable.” The court did
not quantify, such as by a percentage, the portion of the medical schools’ activities
or revenue in relation to Mayo’s total activities or revenue.
The tax dispute centers on whether Mayo is a qualified organization for pur-
poses of excluding its unrelated debt-financed income from real estate operations
from unrelated business income taxation (IRC § 514(c)(9)). One of the ways to be
such an organization—the one claimed by Mayo—is to be an educational organi-
zation (as described in IRC § 170(b)(1)(A)(ii)). The IRS held in 2013 that Mayo is not
an educational institution because its “primary function” is not “formal instruc-
tion” (Tech. Adv. Mem. 201407024 (summarized in the April 2014 issue)). The IRS
calculated that Mayo’s educational activities were 13 percent of its total activities © 2019 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
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Volume 36 Number 10
October 2019
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