Court Allows Calif. Anti-Bullying Curriculum To Remain.


A federal judge has ruled that efforts by the San Diego Unified School District to educate about Islam can remain in place for now.

The controversy stretches back to 2016, when several instances of bullying of Muslim students were reported in San Diego's public schools. The following year, officials devised a curriculum designed to counter the bullying, in part by offering education about Islam.

School officials later expanded the program to address all forms of bullying. But a group of parents sued, arguing that the district was offering preferential treatment to Islam.

U.S. District Judge Cynthia Bashant disagreed. In a preliminary ruling issued in late September, Bashant held that all students, not just Muslims, can benefit from the district's efforts to combat bullying.

"Based on plaintiffs' own definitions, the initiative's focus is not on religion, but on conduct and behavior," Bashant wrote. "It is simply not accurate for plaintiffs to suggest that the district excludes organizations with focuses on...

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