A country to visit and to live in.

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URUGUAY is one of those countries where the sky is a brighter blue. Dusk hovers over quiet waters and fertile fields as though part of a picture where nature paints lovely landscapes. The variety of tourist attractions in Uruguay is vast. During the summer, 600 kilometers of coastline beckon with all kinds of seaside resorts and fishing towns. The famed peninsula of Punta del Este is a well-known celebrity getaway where glamour reigns. But just a short distance away visitors can discover small towns with long stretches of beach with few tourists.


On the northern shores of the Uruguay River, near the Argentine border, visitors can enjoy hot springs, immersing themselves in waters that bubble up temperatures between 38 and 45 degrees centrigrade. It is a unique and revitalizing experience, combining nature with firstclass hotels and service infrastructure.

For those seeking rest, peace and harmony, they can get it all, along with a hearty dose of nature and fresh air...

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