Counting upon happiness.

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Per-capita GDP in Qatar (ranked 1st among 229 countries), $87,600 purchasing power parity basis in Luxembourg (2nd) $79,400 in Bermuda (3rd) $69,900 in Jersey (4th) $57,000 in Kuwait (5th) $55,900 in the United States (10th) $45,800 Overall Economic Wellbeing Index score of Belgium (ranked 0.75 1st among 14 OECD countries), 2001 of Norway (2nd) 0.74 of Italy (3rd) 0.67 of Germany (4th) 0.65 of Sweden (5th) 0.63 of the United States (11th) 0.52 UN Human Development Index score of Iceland and Norway 0.968 (tied for 1st among 177 countries), 2005 of Australia (3rd) 0.962 of Canada (4th) 0.961 of Ireland (5th) 0.959 of the United States (12th) 0.951 Weighted Index of Social Progress score of Denmark and 107 Sweden (tied for 1st among 163 countries), 2000 of Norway (3rd) 104 of Finland...

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