Counterinsurgency By the Book.

AuthorHelicher, Karl
PositionThe U.S. Army and Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual - Brief article - Book review

Work Title: Counterinsurgency By the Book

Work Author(s): Karl Helicher


Byline: Karl Helicher

Lieutenant Colonel John A. Nagl, in the foreword to this edition of The U.S. Army and Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual (University of Chicago Press, 978-0-226-84151-9), says that the U.S. Army was poorly prepared in 2003 to fight the War in Iraq. Although the Army was unmatched in its superiority to fight a conventional war, it was not ready to meet the challenges of a guerrilla insurgency war and the only guide available was an outdated twenty-year-old version.

This new edition of the manual is not only an essential guide for American troops, but also important reading for informing citizens, as well as the executive branch and Congress, who make the funding and long-term decisions about the war.

The Field Manual...

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