Countdown America.

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Countdown America

M. C. Fox

Independently Published

9781732914421, $19.99, PB, 303pp,

Synopsis: After the loss of her husband, CIA agent Isabella Bendel accepts a promotion to Chief Supervisor (a much less dangerous position than what she's accustomed to) so she can raise her two children without fear of leaving her children without any parents. But any illusions of safety are shattered when, while on her Sunday morning jog in a Washington, DC park, Isabella survives a brutal assassination attempt.

She hauls her assailant into CIA headquarters, confident she can get to the bottom of why he was after her. Her blood runs cold when she learns the truth ... as he was trying to take her out, armed terrorists abducted her children and mother right out of her home.

Pushed to the brink of what any mother can endure, Isabella calls on all of her training and deadly skills to get her family back. During this...

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