Council of sections.

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Richard Craig Milstein

Akerman Senterfitt

1 S.E. 3rd Ave., Fl. 28

Miami 33131-1715



Marsha G. Rydberg

The Rydberg Law Firm

400 N. Tampa St., Ste. 1050

Tampa 33602-4707



Jeffrey P. Wasserman

Shapiro, Blasi & Wasserman, P.A.

4651 Sheridan St., Ste. 260

Hollywood 33021-3422



Clark Richard Jennings

Florida Department of Agriculture

2005 Apalachee Pkwy., Ste. 230

Tallahassee 32399-6500


Immediate Past Chair:

Anthony Charles Musto

P.O. Box 2956

Hallandale 33008-2956


Administrative Law Section


To provide an organization within The Florida Bar open to all members in good standing who have an interest in administrative law and procedure at both the state and federal levels.

To provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas leading to the improvement and development of the fields of administrative law and procedure and agency practice, and to serve the public generally and The Florida in interpreting and carrying out the professional needs and objectives in these fields.

To provide a newsletter to Administrative Law Section members, which includes short articles on administrative law and summaries of recent case law.

To hold an Annual Administrative Conference for purposes of discussion and recommendations on issues of administrative law with representatives from the judiciary, legislature, state agencies, local government, private bar, news media, academia and public.

To actively participate in continuing legal education programs. Organized 1977-78; $20 dues.


Donna Elizabeth Blanton

Radey Thomas Yon, P.A.

P.O. Box 10967

Tallahassee 32302-2967



Robert Collins Downie II

Dept. of Transportaion, MS 58

605 Suwannee St.

Tallahassee 32399-6544



Deborah Kaveney Kearney

Fl. House of Reps., Committee on Appropriations

404 S. Monroe St.

Tallahassee 32399-6526



Patrick L. Imhof

Florida Senate

404 S. Monroe St.

Tallahassee 32399-6526


Board Liaison:

Michael Joseph Glazer

227 S. Calhoun St.

P.O. Box 391

Tallahassee 32302-0391


Immediate Past Chair:

Lisa Shearer Nelson

Holtzman Equels

433 N. Magnolia Dr.

Tallahassee 32308-5083


Executive Council:

Terms Expiring 2004:

Richard Martin Ellis, Tallahassee

Seann Michael Frazier, Tallahassee

Natalie Barkuloo Futch, Tallahassee

Clark Richard Jennings, Tallahassee

M. Catherine Lannon, Tallahassee

Christiana Talbird Moore, Tallahassee

Cathy Miller Sellers, Tallahassee

William Eldred Williams, Tallahassee

Terms Expiring 2005:

James Andrew Bertron, Jr., Tallahassee

Mary Ellen Clark, Tallahassee

Allen Richard Grossman, Tallahassee

Elizabeth Waas McArthur, Tallahassee

Linda M. Rigot, Tallahassee

Charles Aristides Stampelos, Tallahassee

William David Watkins, Tallahassee

Appellate Practice Section


To enhance the role and skills of members of The Florida Bar who are engaged in appellate practice through study, continuing legal education, the dissemination of materials on matters of interest and concern to the membership, and through the exchange of ideas among the membership of the Section.

To cooperate with other sections, otherwise to promote the objective of The Florida Bar, and to encourage participation with the Bar by appellate practitioners. Organized 1993-94; $25 dues.


Jack J. Aiello

Gunster Yoakley & Stewart, P.A.

777 S. Flagler Dr., Ste. 500, East

West Palm Beach 33401-6161



John Granville Crabtree

John G. Crabtree, P.A.

240 Crandon Blvd., Ste. 279

Key Biscayne 33149-1543


Vice Chair:

Thomas Dale Hall

Supreme Court of Florida

500 S. Duval St.

Tallahassee 32399-6556



Susan Whaley Fox

Macfarlane Ferguson & McMullen

P.O. Box 1531

Tampa 33601-1531



Patricia Joan Kelly

Second District Court of Appeal

P.O. Box 327

Lakeland 33802-0327


Board Liaison:

William Harper Phelan, Jr.

Bond, Arnett, Phelan, Smith & Craggs, P.A.

P.O. Box 2405

Ocala 34478-2405


Immediate Past Chair:

Angela Carol Flowers

Kubicki Draper, et al.

25 W. Flagler St., PH

Miami 33130-1712


Executive Council:

Terms Expiring 2004:

Caryn Lynn Bellus, Miami

Jennifer Suzanne Carroll, Palm Beach Gardens

Valeria Hendricks, Tampa

Siobhan Helene Shea, Palm Beach

Steven Edward Stark, Miami

Robert Henley Sturgees, Jacksonville

Terms Expiring 2005:

Steven L. Brannock, Tampa

Tracy Raffles Gunn, Tampa

Anthony Charles Musto, Hallandale

Harvey Joel Sepler, Miami

Jack William Shaw, Jr., Orlando

Terms Expiring 2006:

Tracy Sue Carlin, Jacksonville

Shannon McLin Carlyle, The Villages

Dorothy Frances Easley, Hollywood

Kimberly Staffa Mello, Tampa

Kathryn Senecal Pecko, Miami

Judicial Representatives:

Marguerite Herr Davis, Tallahassee

Gary M. Farmer, West Palm Beach

Mario P. Goderich, Miami

Peggy Ann Quince, Tallahassee

Winifred J. Sharp, Daytona Beach

Morris Silberman, Tampa

Gerald Bard Tjoflat, Jacksonville

Business Law Section


To provide an organization within The Florida Bar open to all members in good standing who have a common interest in corporation, banking business, bankruptcy, commercial law, franchise law, and intellectual property.

To provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas leading to the improvement of the laws relating to this area. Organized 1970-71; $30 dues.


James Burton Murphy, Jr.

Shook Hardy, & Bacon, LLP

100 N. Tampa St., Ste. 2900

Tampa 33602-5810



Maxine Master Long

Shutts & Bowen, LLP

201 S. Biscayne Blve., Ste. 1500

Miami 33131-4328



Mark Joseph Wolfson

Foley & Lardner

P.O. Box 3391

Tampa 33601-3391


Board Liaison:

Clifton Adamson McClelland, Jr.

McClelland, Jones & Lyons, LC

1901 S. Harbor City Blvd., Ste. 500

Melbourne 32901-4770


Immediate Past Chair:

John David Emmanuel

P.O. Box 1438

Tampa 33601-1438


Executive Council:

Terms Expiring 2004:

David Paul Ackerman, West Palm Beach

Stuart D. Ames, Miami

Daniel Holmes Aronson, Ft. Lauderdale

Scott Raymond Austin, West Palm Beach

David Allan Baker, Orlando

Philip Alan Bates, Pensacola

Howard Jay Berlin, Miami

David Allen Beyer, Tampa

Hans Christian Beyer, Tampa

Russel Merrin Blain, Tampa

Stephen Donald Busey, Jacksonville

Michael Bruce Chesal, Miami

Stuart R. Cohn, Gainesville

Roberta Ann Colton, Tampa

Louis T.M. Conti, Orlando

Kenneth F. Darrow, Miami

Gardner Fabian Davis, Jacksonville

Jeffrey Davis, Gainesville

Ava K. Doppelt, Orlando

Robert W. Duckworth, Orlando

Manuel Farach, West Palm Beach

David Samuel Felman, Tampa

George Steven Fender, Orlando

Henry Howell Fox, Ft. Lauderdale

James A. Gale, Miami

Irwin Robert Gilbert, West Palm Beach

Joseph Roger Gomez, Miami

Merrick Lawrence Gross, Miami

Michael Jerome Higer, North Miami

Jeffrey Allan Hirsch, Ft. Lauderdale

Glen Alan Howard, Jacksonville

Paul George Hyman, Jr., Ft. Lauderdale

Jonathan C. Koch, Tampa

Katherine Claire Lake, Tampa

Edward Camille LaRose, Tampa

Hal Kemp Litchford, Orlando

John Barber Macdonald, Jacksonville

Stephen Eugene Mahle, Boca Raton

Judith Elizabeth McCaffrey, Naples

Thomas M. Messana, Ft. Lauderdale

Mindy Mora, Miami

Jason Monroe Murray, Miami

Stephen E. Nagin, Miami

John K. Olson, Tampa

Karen J. Orlin, Miami

Paul L. Orshan, Miami

Steven Ira Peretz, Miami

Donald A. Rett, Tallahassee

Ronald Peter Roman, Miami

Joel Benjamin Rothman, Boca Raton

Marsha G. Rydberg, Tampa

David Roman Saliwanchik, Gainesville

Lisa Monica Schiller, Miami

Philip Barry Schwartz, Miami

Jeanne L. Seewald, Naples

R. Scott Shuker, Orlando

Lawrence Dean Silverman, Miami

Paul Steven Singerman, Miami

Thomas Benton Smith, Orlando

Maria Cooke Stewart, Miami

Kevin Hamilton Sutton, Tampa

Gary Ira Teblum, Tampa

William Alva VanNortwick, Jr., Tallahassee

Diane Noller Wells, Miami

Michael G. Williamson, Tampa

Donald Alan Workman, Washington, D.C.

Gregory Charles Yadley, Tampa

City, County and Local Government Law Section


To generally serve as an organization and resource within The Florida Bar for lawyers representing local government interest and also practicing in this field on behalf of private interests.

To be informed regarding the development of local government law, in Florida and nationally, and to actively participate in its formulation, both legislatively and through participation in the development of case law affecting and relating to local government.

To serve as a liaison among the public, the general membership of The Florida Bar, and the Board of Governors by providing a forum for the development and exchange of ideas in matters affecting local government law.

To function as a resource for information to members of The Florida Bar relating to local government law, including the publication of a newsletter, sponsorship of seminars and other continuing legal education events, and the production of publications in various forms. Organized 1973-74; $25 dues.


Kenneth W. Buchman

City of Plant City

1012 Redbud Cir.

Plant City 33563-8876



Craig Harry Coller

Metro Dade Ctr.

111 NW 1st St., Ste. 2810

Miami 33128-1930



Kathryn Kaye Collie

Orange County Comptroller

201 S. Rosalind Ave., 4

Orlando 32801-3527


Board Liaison:

Gwynne Alice Young

Carlton Fields, P.A.

P.O. Box 3239

Tampa 33601-3239


Immediate Past Chair:

Thomas G. Pelham

P.O. Box 11240

Tallahassee 32302-3240


Executive Council:

Terms Expiring 2004:

Emeline Carswell Acton, Tampa

Grant Williams Alley, Ft. Myers

James Lee Bennett, Clearwater

Mary Helen Campbell, Tampa

Edward Alexander Dion, Ft. Lauderdale

Howard Bernard Lenard, Miami

Cari Lynn Roth, Tallahassee

Karl J. Sanders, Jacksonville

Terms Expiring 2005:

Elizabeth Miranda Hernandez, Coral Gables

Vivien Jane Monaco, Orlando

Terms Expiring 2006:

Susan Lanelle Trevarthen, Ft. Lauderdale


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