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Author:Gelman, Diane
Position:Professional Development Update - Corrections Online Training Collaborative of the American Correctional Association

Co-founded by the American Correctional Association, the Corrections Online Training Collaborative (COTC) is a cooperative venture of the leading associations serving the correctional industry and currently includes ACA, the American Jail Association and the American Probation and Parole Association. The associations joined together to bring high-quality, cost-effective staff training solutions to the corrections field. COTC associations work with Relias Learning, which was formerly known as Essential Learning, to design custom courses and release new courses throughout the year.

Online learning with COTC acts as a supplement to live training. COTC online training provides the knowledge base (e.g., use of force) and an in-depth review of policies and procedures, and live training provides hands-on skills (e.g., use-of-force techniques). This type of learning optimizes time management on course development, course enrollment and reports--streamlining them into one, intuitive system.

Courses are designed for professionals who work in adult corrections, juvenile justice and community corrections. Courses are available for all levels of staff and within all disciplines, including medical and mental health professionals. Jon Galley, ACA audit chairperson/COTC subject matter expert and former regional executive director of the North Region of the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, said the following about COTC courses: "They cover a lot of necessary topics of value to officers. The courses can become the foundation of training to be followed up in a classroom to reinforce learning and understanding."

More than 360 courses are available, including a Prison Rape Elimination Act series, and staff nationwide say that the courses are engaging and enjoyable. The courses are developed by experts in the field of corrections and continuously updated. For example, all COTC mental health courses address the new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, which was published in 2013.1 COTC courses are approved to meet ACA standards requirements and can be used as ACA recertification credits. Crosswalks that match courses to relevant ACA standards are available for accredited agencies or those seeking accreditation.

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