Costs of Joint Employer: $33 Billion Per Year.

Author:Cresanti, Robert
Position:From The CEO's Desk

We've been talking about joint employer as a threat to the franchise business model since (and even before) August 2015, when the National Labor Relations Board tinkered with the definition of the term. I've spoken with many franchise business owners over the past three-plus years about this topic. While it can be easier to see to the direct limitations caused by the uncertainty around joint employer, it hasn't always been easy to calculate the impact in terms of lost dollars.

That is, until now. IFA conducted a groundbreaking study with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce about the impacts of joint employer, and the results are staggering. Eye-popping to the tune of losing $33.3 billion each year and the opportunity to create 376,000 more jobs.

Let that sink in for a minute. If you thought the damages to the economy from joint employer were mostly academic until now, think again. This study provides clear evidence of lost economic opportunity...

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