Corrigendum to “Anything Can Happen at Any Time.” Perceived Causes of Correctional Officer Injuries

Published date01 March 2022
Date01 March 2022
Subject MatterCorrigendum
Corrigendum to Anything
Can Happen at Any Time.
Perceived Causes of
Correctional Off‌icer Injuries
Goulette, N., Denney, A. S., & Crow, M. S. (2020). Anything Can Happen at Any Time: Perceived
Causes of Correctional Off‌icer Injuries. Criminal Justice Review.
The following changes have been made in the above referenced article after the articles initial pub-
lication in OnlineFirst.
1. Frank V. Ferdik has been added as fourth author.
2. The following sentence was deleted from the Method section: Although invitations to participate
in the study were sent to all 50 state departments (DOCs), ultimately only two states were willing and
able to commit to participation within the study time frame.
3. The authors received f‌inancial support for this research through the New Faculty Research Grant
program (CR0019) from the University of West Floridawas added to acknowledge f‌inancial assis-
tance for the project.
4. Dr. Ferdik was removed from the acknowledgements.
Criminal Justice Review
2022, Vol. 47(1) NP1
© 2021 Georgia State University
Article reuse guidelines:
DOI: 10.1177/07340168211044419

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