Corrigan, Eireann. You remind me of you; a poerty memoir.

Author:Rabinowitz, Rebecca
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Scholastic, Push. 124p. c2002. 0439-29771-0. $6.99. S *

This memoir, told in free-verse poems that last from one to three pages, swirls with emotion and pain. Eireann, the "I," addresses Daniel, the "you." Through the years of their relationship, they are friends and lovers, but also something else--some, thing that cryptically links the violence they each inflict upon themselves. She has eating disorders, bad enough to be hospitalized; he attempts suicide, brought on by some combination of mania, depression, and LSD. Each of them is haunted by the other, haunted by love, guilt, and a fierce interconnectedness. Some poems are her thoughts, some are details of a particular day or interaction, some intermingle both; others are the dialogue between her and an unnamed therapist, never quite in sync--or is the...

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