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2017 Winter Conference

May/June 2017

A warm Texas welcome: ACA's Winter Conference begins with a bang, Joey Hedger, page 63

Awareness, leads, partnerships, clients... and a ton of fun!: Sights and sounds amaze in the exhibit hall, Floyd Nelson, page 66

Heroes and scholars: ACA presents several awards to outstanding corrections professionals and programs, Joey Hedger, page 70

Host Committee, page 62

It was a Texas-sized success, Floyd Nelson, page 58

Policies and Resolutions, page 74

Re-digging wells: L. Douglas Wilder: Economics, education and equality are keys to success, Joey Hedger, page 68

Science + solutions + leadership = Dr. Wilson M. Compton: A winning formula in the battle against drug abuse and addiction, Floyd Nelson, page 64

Thank You, Sponsors, page 67

The influence of the nation s capital presents itself in San Antonio, Grace Gibson, page 60

146th Congress of Correction

November/December 2017

A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors, page 67

Award Winners, page 72

Corey Lewandowski offers his diverse perspective at the General Session, Floyd Nelson, page 74

E.R. Cass Award goes to one of ACA s very own, Grace Gibson, page 71

Food, friendship, fun: Attendees gather for Health Care Welcome Reception, Joey Hedger, page 70

Gray areas: Heidi Holt spotlights the challenges of aging while serving time, Grace Gibson, page 76

Health and Wellness Expo, page 78

Missouri Host Committee, page 68

Policies and Resolutions, page 80

Step on up: Attendees explore the exhibit hall for corrections' best, Joey Hedger, page 70

Within the eclipse, ACA shines: The 'Gateway City 'hosts ACA's annual Congress of Correction, Joey Hedger, page 65


January/February 2017

Abandoning criminal choices: Kansas City s No Violence Alliance offers new chances to fight violence, Meredith Conklin, page 46

Art for a change: Innovative reentry program shows off practical implications, Hans Hallundbaek, page 56

Brace for impact: The "Small Wonder" state makes a big difference, Ariana Langford, page 42

From orange to blue: How nature imagery affects inmates in the "Blue Room, " Dr. Nalini M. Nadkarni, Lance Schnacker, Patricia Hasbach, Tierney Thys and Emily Gaines Crockett, page 36

Healthy teamwork: South Carolina uses new framework to improve inmate health care system, Bryan Stirling and Christian Soura, page 62

March/April 2017

A "mom and pop" confinement: How families can and must get involved in the juvenile justice system, Joey Hedger, page 32

A talk with Arianna Huffington: How to find well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving in corrections, Pedro Moreno, page 38

Buzzing with activity: Beekeeping pollinates a second chance for inmates, S. Andrew Sutterlee, page 44

Food and food again: Recycling and dehydrating food waste in Virginia facilities, Lois Fegan, page 48

Meet a corrections employee: Kevin Curran, warden of the Arizona State Prison Complex-Florence, Grace Gibson, page 54

May/June 2017

A danger to corrections and the community: The reality of erroneous releases, Diana Judge, page 30

Pilot 1.0: Creating a virtual environment for the treatment of offenders, Bobbie Ticknor, page 46

Positive criminology: A catalyst for change, Dr. Christina R. Wilson and Dr. Elena P. Bastidas, page 34

Taking care of the mentally ill: A training opportunity for corrections professionals, B.L. Sloan and D.E. Efeti, page 42

The "T" in LGBT: "Orange Is the New Black" and transgender issues in corrections, Christina L. Carpenter, page 52

July/August 2017

A Wisconsin health study: Identifying chronic HCV infection in baby-boomer inmates, James Greer, Mary Wedig...

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