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* Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, 2010 Conference, "Beyond Our Boundaries: The Inclusivity of Criminal Justice Sciences," Feb. 23-27, 2010, San Diego. For more information, visit

* National Correctional Industries Association, Enterprise 2010 National Training Conference, March 21-24, 2010, Cincinnati. For more information, visit

* American Jail Association, Annual Conference, May 23-27, 2010, Portland, Ore. For more information, visit

* National Law Enforcement and Technology Center, 2010 Innovative Technologies for Corrections Conference, June 14-16, 2010, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. For more information, visit

* Chicago Lesbian and Gay Police Association/Gay Officers Action League, 14th Annual International Conference of Criminal Justice Professionals, June 22-27, 2010, Chicago. For more information, visit www.goalchicago.inf/, or contact Officer Jamie Richardson, president, at (773) 392-4992 or

* National Sheriffs' Association, Annual...

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