PositionEditor's Note - Correction notice

Last issue we had a couple of typographical errors that marred the magazine. There were 3 errors in Michael Weaver's article on College Prom/Dart. The author's biography on page 20 should have read 28th Infantry Division, not the 20th. In addition, on page 28, the first paragraph in the right column was missing the following text, "toward a common goal. College Dart was phased out in May as the Air Weapons Defense Weapons Center 1983 was retired." The accompanying footnote 115 was also skipped: History of ADCOM/ADC, 1 January-31 December 1979, pl43.K410,011 Jan-Dec 1979, Vol. 1 USAFIWS Farewell and Reunion, "Operation Snowman. 1954-1983 K410.012 Jul-Sept 1983, Vol. 3

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