Correctional officer wages and benefits table: 2: wage options.

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CORRECTIONAL OFFICER WAGES and BENEFITS TABLE 2: WAGE OPTIONS SYSTEM SHIFT ROLL CALL DIRECT CARE DIFFERENTIAL ALABAMA No No No ALASKA No response ARIZONA No No No ARKANSAS No No No CALIFORNIA Not available Not available Not available COLORADO Yes, 7.5% swing No, included in No shifts: 10% 28-day work graveyard shifts schedule CONNECTICUT Yes, supervisors: Yes, amount paid Yes, hazardous 80 cents/hour for as time worked duty pay: nights and 60 $800/year per cents/hour for union weekends; correctional officers: 80 cents/hour for nights and 55 cents/hour for weekends DELAWARE Yes, $1,911/year No No if qualified FLORIDA No No No GEORGIA No No No HAWAII Yes. $1 per hour No No for nights IDAHO Yes, 5% No response No response ILLINOIS No response INDIANA No No No IOWA Yes, 50 No No cents/hour for second shift and 55 cents/hour for third shift KANSAS Yes, 50 cents if No No union member or 30 cents nonunion KENTUCKY No No No LOUISIANA No No No MAINE Yes, 35-42 No Yes, captains; 60 cents/hour and 50 cents/hour and cents/hour for officers: 90 weekends cents/hour MARYLAND Yes, 0.625 cents Yes. 0.625 cents No response per hour per hour MASSACHUSETTS Yes, 75 No No cents/hour from 3:05 p.m. to 6:50 a.m. MICHIGAN Yes, 5% No (currently No suspended due to budget) MINNESOTA Yes, 65 No No cents/hour MISSISSIPPI No No No MISSOURI Yes, $52/month No No MONTANA No No No NEBRASKA Yes, 60 Yes, employee's No cents/hour hourly wage NEVADA Yes, 5% No No NEW HAMPSHIRE Yes, 60 No No cents/hour for second shift and 75 cents/hour for third shift NEW JERSEY No Yes. based on No post assignment and paid at overtime rate as shift overlap NEW MEXICO Yes, 60 No No cents/hour NEW YORK Yes, $1,800/year Yes, 25 No for evenings and cents/hour for $900 for nights each day actually standing in a line-up: $4.80/day if not physically present NORTH CAROLINA Yes. not No No specified NORTH DAKOTA No No No OHIO Yes, 35 Yes. 30 minutes No cents/hour for of straight time second and third for reporting 10 shifts minutes early OKLAHOMA No Yes, 15 minutes No of straight time OREGON Yes, 75 No No cents/hour PENNSYLVANIA Yes, $1/hour for No (roll call No evening and 90 occurs on shift) cents/hour for nights RHODE ISLAND Yes, 70 cents per Yes, actual time No hour times one-half annual salary SOUTH CAROLINA No No No SOUTH DAKOTA No response No response No response TENNESSEE No No No TEXAS No No No UTAH No No No VERMONT Yes, 67 Yes, 15 minutes No cents/hour for prior to shift second shift and twice...

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