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Position:NDTA: The Association for Global Logistics and Transportation

A Team Logistics LLC

PO Box 472

Aldie, VA 20105-0472


Richard L. Brown, President

703-508-8409 *

Frank P. Weber, Senior VP (MIQ Military Sales)

978-413-5099 *

Based in Virginia, A Team Logistics is a veteran-owned small business that provides dedicated subject matter expert consulting services. A Team Logistics integrates staffing with a client's company in order to achieve the desired results and long-term relationships. A Team Logistics' staff has a vast amount of hands-on experience in the following areas: Retail Logistics, Government Sales, Forwarding, Warehousing, Transportation, Management and Collaborative Team Building. Loyalty, trust, dedication and results are the cornerstones of the company's business model. The current clients under contract with A Team Logistics are:

* Jmac Services FZE--Provides door to door support for military shipments going to all locations within Afghanistan, including charters, ground handling, trucking, staging, sorting and POD information to the shippers.

* MIQ Logistics LLC--A global logistics company headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, with offices in North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America. MIQ Logistics enables companies to improve their transportation network and overall supply chain efficiency by offering flexible logistics solutions supported by Web-native technology and global logistics management capabilities.


1734 Gage Road

Montebello, CA 90640

323-201-8300 *

Igor Pasternak, CEO

Shenny Yao, Vice President, Washington, DC Operations

323-201-8302 *

Aeros is a leading FAA certified aircraft manufacturer with 25 years of experience in the aerospace industry. Aeros has excelled in designing and manufacturing Airships and Aerostat products, as well as related R&D for rapid prototyping.

Recent and ongoing conflicts have demonstrated vulnerabilities and shortcomings with existing military logistics transportation capabilities.

One of US military's interests in the advanced variable buoyancy air vehicle is providing "direct delivery", heavy lifting, and VTOL capability to fielded forces (including sea base connectors), with minimal infrastructure requirements, and reducing the cost of airlift.

Aeros makes this a reality by providing a new type of global vertical-lift air transport vehicle called the Aeroscraft. This "game-changer" vehicle offers new capabilities for the war-fighter, providing the ability to transport personnel and equipment "from fort to fight". This innovative cargo airship will reinvent air cargo transport.

BNSF Railway

2650 Lou Menk Drive

Ft. Worth, TX 76131-2830

Jon Tinker, Director Marketing, Industrial Products

817-864-6144 *

John Pinard, Manager Sales, Industrial Products

817-867-6838 *

BNSF Railway, a Berkshire Flathaway company, operates one of the largest railroad networks in North America, with approximately 32,500 route miles in 28 states and two Canadian provinces. Dedicated to serving the Armed Forces in support of OEF, BNSF is a vital resource in providing transportation services for the movement of military equipment among major bases, forts, ports, depots, and National Guard mobilization sites.

Bristol Associates

1023 15th Street, NW, 11th Floor

Washington, DC 20005

202-682-4000 *

C.N. (Pete) Seidlitz, President

Janies (Ed) McNair, Managing Director

Paul Naylor, Managing Director, Europe

Robert Rockwood, Managing Director--Corporate

Sean J. Lancaster, Vice President

Bristol Associates, headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in Virginia and London, is one of the leading commercial aircraft marketing firms in the industry with an outstanding reputation for professionalism and integrity. Bristol specializes in international aviation and finance with expertise in aircraft acquisition, disposition, financing, and advisory/support services to airlines and corporate aviation departments.

Dedicated to remarketing both commercial and corporate aircraft exclusively on behalf of various owners, Bristol currently manages a portfolio of aircraft ranging from Embraer Regional Jets to Boeing 747s, from 9-seat Challengers to VIP-configured Boeings. Clients range from airlines such as United, Air Canada and Singapore Airlines to financial institutions such as Citibank, Bank of America and Mitsubishi, as well as a variety of Fortune 500 corporations.

Attuned to the goals and objectives of operator-owners and -lessors, Bristol has a proven track record in structuring ongoing asset management programs, default contingency plans and remarketing plans from conception though implementation.

Crowley Maritime Corp.

9487 Regency Square Boulevard

Jacksonville, FL 32225

800-276-9539 *

Thomas B. Crowley, Jr., Chairman, CEO & President

510-251-7515 *

Mike Roberts, Senior Vice President

904-727-2602 *

Jay Brickman, Vice President, Government Services

305-470-4098 *

Owen Clarke, Director-Business Development

202-344-4008 *

Crowley provides diversified transportation services by means of five operating lines of business. These services include Liner Services, Ship Assist/Escort, Logistics, Salvage/Emergency Response, Energy Support, Government Contract Services, Project Management, Naval Architecture, Ocean Towing/Transportation, Marine Engineering, Petroleum/ Chemical Transportation, Newbuild/Retrofit Construction Management, Fuel Sales/Distribution, and Technical Ship Management.

DHL Global Forwarding

1508 Elm Hill Pike, Suite 104A

Nashville, TN 37210

615-275-9572 *

Holly Cope Williams, Business Development Manager, Public Sector

615-275-9572 *

Milton Kohler, Vice President, Public Sector

954-471 -6664 *

DHL Global Forwarding has extensive experience in handling highly sensitive equipment in hostile locations. Our dedicated and highly skilled freight team is experienced in all critical shipping fields including air and ocean, import and export, worldwide customs brokerage, hazardous materials handling, as well as warehouse distribution services, and can provide on-demand aircraft charters to meet the needs of any specialized shipment.

The mission of the Governments & Defense Services group is to provide best in class service to all US government departments and entities, regardless of the type of transport, transit time...

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