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We should be careful as a nation, not to call everything we don't like socialism; that's intellectually lazy and impedes reasonable discussions, says #SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson @udelaware's Weinberg Center of #Corpgov #ESG

Civil Rights Journey Inspires a Board: Directors, executives and employees at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago traveled to Alabama historic sights to bolster "a community mindset."

privatecompanydirector.com/features/civil... #corpgov #esg #BlackHistoryMonth2019

His research "shocked the economics world--the higher minimum wage had no effect on employment, at least in the short term."

Chief Executive Elon Musk has never sought pre-approval for a single tweet about Tesla Inc since striking a court-approved deal about how to communicate important information about the electric vehicle maker, the top U.S.! ... see more

Papa John's Board Kept Calm and Carried On: Embattled founder John Schnatter reportedly plans to leave pizza chain's board.

directorsandboards.com/news/papa-john ... #corpgov

A key question @AnandWrites poses about social-impact investing: "Can the architects and operators of the winners-take-all world really be the key to solving inequality?" #ESG #corpgov

"Exxon is trying to deny shareholders' right to vote on a significant climate risk concern," NY Comptroller DiNapoli said in a statement on...

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