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What does Tesla's Board do about this; should they do anything at all? businessinsider.com/elon-musk-smok ... #corpgov

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Big Changes Ahead for Whistleblower Standards

Given a recent Supreme Court decision, and resulting SEC amendments, boards can't take "a laissez-faire" approach to anti-retaliation programs

The thorny issue of whistleblower retaliation may be getting thornier.

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Is this a smart #corpgov move? Independent Special Committee of Papa John's Board of Directors Issues Letter attacking Company founder, former CEO. businesswire.com /news/home/2018 ... #corpgov

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"Five current independent directors and one National Amusements-affiliated director have stepped down from the board of directors and six new directors have been elected, the company said." #corpgov

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The Pros & Cons of the Dual-Class Stock Structure: Two corporate governance experts battle it out directorsandboards.com /news/pros-cons ... #corpgov

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Is Ditching Quarterly Reports the Shorttermism Answer? Finding the practical path to embracing a long-term approach. directorsandboards.com/news/ditching- ... #corpgov

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In speaking with some of the world's top business leaders I asked what it is that would make business (jobs) even better in the U.S...

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