Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil.

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Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil

Mary Platis & Laura Bashar

Two Extra Virgins

0989328929, $26.95, 131pp,

Olive oil is a fat obtained from the olive (the fruit of Olea europaea; family Oleaceae), a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. The oil is produced by pressing whole olives. Olive oil is commonly used in cooking and has been for at least the last 4,000 years. The collaborative work of Mary Platis and Laura Bashar, "Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil" is a beautifully and profusely illustrated compendium of informative instructions on how to use olive oil in poaching, braising, marinating, streaming, baking, and more! A culinary wealth of olive oil based recipes range from Chicken Breasts with Asparagus and Pea Orzo; Sockeye Salmon with Spinach and Beet Greens; Stuffed...

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