Cookie Craft: From Piping to Luster Dust.

AuthorCarlson, Johanna Draper
PositionBook review

Work Title: Cookie Craft: From Piping to Luster Dust

Work Author(s): Valerie Peterson and Janice Fryer

Storey Publishing

160 pages, Hardcover $18.95


ISBN: 9781580176941

Reviewer: Johanna Draper Carlson

Beautiful cookies made at home can be as attractive as store-bought, while tasting much better. Beginning with a substantial photo section, these cookies in this book whet the reader's appetite and suggest ideas. Grouped by themes: Christmas, Valentine's, seasonal choices, they also include parties, like showers and weddings. Particularly notable are the lacy snowflakes---complete with a demonstration of how to cut out internal sections with artful results---and the Easter basket, a simple circle iced in a basket-weave with multi-colored pastel dots for eggs.

The how-to section starts with recommendations for needed ingredients and equipment; its tone is one of a helpful friend rather than stern directives. Also included are essential techniques; for example, using "cookie slats," or thin strips of wood when rolling out dough to ensure cookies are uniformly thick and flat for decorating. Only a few basic recipes are necessary to create these wonders, for the art lies more in the eye than in the oven.

For beginners, there are suggestions on how to...

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