Cook, Trish. So Lyrical.

Author:Chrismer, Nancy
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

COOK, Trish. So lyrical. Penguin, New American Library. 222p. c2005. 0-451-21508-7. $8.99. S

Trace lives with her "hippy-style" mother Bebe in Winnetka, Illinois, where Bebe moved when she was 18, unmarried, and pregnant with Trace. Bebe supports them by writing novels based on rock stars, and is still obsessed with the music of her youth. Trace is usually proud of her mom and close to her emotionally, but she is obsessed with finding her father. Bebe will tell Trace all about the songs of her youth and she has photos of herself with rock stars of the time plastered all over their house, but she will not tell Trace the identity of her father. Trace has decided that her father is probably Bruce Springsteen, and tries throughout the story to make her ideas fit the "clues" that she thinks Bebe has given her. In another subplot, Trace's best friend Brina is receiving love note-type poetry from a secret admirer, and spends much of the story trying to discover his identity while, like Trace, trying to...

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