Convicting a murderer' rebuttal to Making a Murderer' filled with rumors, speculation and corner bar gossip, former defense attorney says.

AuthorSchuster, Steve
PositionDean Strang

Byline: Steve Schuster,

Daily Wire's series 'Convicting a Murderer,' first two episodes aired to the general public Friday, Sept. 8, 2023, telling a very different story about Steven Avery and Wisconsin Law Enforcement, than the award-winning Netflix series 'Making a Murderer' portrayed.

For the first time, the general public learned what the Netflix original series omitted, some of which were rumors and corner bar gossip.

Former defense counsel for Steven Avery told the Wisconsin Law Journal on Thursday that he has zero interest in watching the new the Daily Wire docuseries.

During an interview with the Wisconsin Law Journal on Thursday, Dean Strang one of Steven Avery's original defense attorneys said, "I don't need a movie that runs for 10 hours to tell me about this case. I was one of the lawyers on the case. I spent 500 hours in a courtroom over 15 months. I lived the case. I had a front-row seat. I don't need a DailyWire docuseries to help me with that."

"Making a Murderer left out rumors and gossip. I have even less interest in hearing about rumors and gossip. What do I care what rumors are about some person 20 years ago in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin? These people didn't become President of the United States or an ambassador to a foreign country. I really don't care about rumors regarding private citizens," Strang said.

"I can assure you, there is nothing significant that happened in this trial or pre-trial proceedings that 'Making a Murderer' left out," Strang said.

However, Shawn Rech, director of "Convicting a Murderer" at Transition Studios, said there were so many items cut from "Making a Murderer" it's hard to believe there isn't some truth in the gossip and rumors.

"There were so many of them, it's pretty hard to believe it wasn't showing a portrait of who Avery really is," Rech noted.

Strang disagreed.

"If 'Convicting a Murderer' claims 'Making a Murderer' omitted important inadmissible information details of the Avery's lives, that gossip was unworthy of credit. I don't think even Ken Kratz tried to offer that information in the actual trial. It was unsupported gossip, or unproven truth," Strang said.

During a 'Convicting a Murderer' episode, an interviewee expressly stated, "it was just bar talk. I had no proof that she said it or proof that it really did happen, it's just what my friend told her."

Rech said on Thursday, during an interview with the Wisconsin Law Journal, the standard for what's...

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