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Printers seeking to grow or improve print quality are engaging Conversource to help streamline workflows, solve challenging print jobs, and enhance profits.

Founded in 1995, Conversource is more than a distributor of specialty brands to the commercial printing industry. Conversource is a 3M Premier Service Distributor, is known as Stickyback Headquarters and represents dozens of other leading brands like Daetwyler. But, Conversource also provides a suite of Integrated Solutions tightly coupled with each customers unique business and operational needs.Whether you are actively engaged in mergers & acquisitions (M&A) or are a single-location operator. Conversource matches the right solutions to meet your needs and your customers' expectations.


Conversource pioneered Custom Cutting of plate mounting tapes in 1995. Custom Cutting is an eco-friendly solution. With Conversource, you're not stuck with ordering 18" or 54" rolls. Order only the exact width you need for the jobs you print. Conversource cuts mounting tape to your specifications and ships your order the same day. Custom Cutting is also available for doctor blades and tint sleeves. Conversource's Custom Cutting eliminates wasted offcuts, reduces scrap, reduces waste removal costs, and saves you money.


Don't be consigned. Custom Stocking is Conversource's latest innovation in the industry. Conversource assembles a team of cross-functional experts matched to your needs. They collaborate with your team to establish forecasted usage rates.

Then Conversource stocks your critical supplies in their warehouse at no cost. Custom Stocking includes over 300 products ready to ship same day. Best of all, customers are only invoiced for stock when orders are shipped from Conversource to its customer. A simple...

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