A conversation with the publisher.

Author:Ferraez, Jorge

It was an unseasonably cold April morning in the East Coast. We arrived early to the majestic facilities of the Johns Hopkins Center in Baltimore, Maryland, to interview Dr. Alfredo Quinones, aka "Dr. Q." Once in his office, we had a chance to look at the many photos he appeared with his children and family, and were impressed with his numerous recognitions and awards.

But even more impressive was that a good number of these were to recognize his human quality and spirit, more than his scientific achievements. We're not saying that his medical, clinical and research contributions are not important, but it is not common to see a physician's office full of anecdotes and stories of hope, gratitude and human excellence.

We didn't know him, but we had heard a lot about him: A man with a great reputation for his professional work and his human quality.


The interview was fascinating. His story, which we invite you to read, is both inspiring and exciting--no wonder why...

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