A conversation with the publisher.

Author:Erraez, Jorge

We know Diversity is becoming obsolete, overrated and out. However, the principle of increasing inclusion and becoming diverse is still a big challenge for many companies, institutions, organizations and communities.

The reality is that there's still so much to do, despite the work of many respected organizations. Sometimes it seems that diversity is not something that is going to be granted, but needs to be taken pretty much like power.

Our mission as a publication is to showcase and promote those positive examples and stories, so they can inspire other leaders to go further and accomplish their goals. This is the intention of the edition you have in your hands. We believe that this superb collection of leaders that have shared their visions and experiences, should provoke others to follow and achieve their dreams.


Our take on diversity means, we as a community need to start doing something about it. It starts with ourselves and not waiting for others to do it for us.

For this reason, Latino Leaders magazine has included for the first time in its history an interview with a non-Latino leader gracing the cover. Our purpose is to highlight and...

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