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Author:Ferraez, Jorge

Latino Leaders 101 Luncheon

For the second year in a row, Latino Leaders organized a private luncheon in Washington DC with members of our 101 Most Influential Latinos list. The purpose was to discuss how to be more effective and make their organizations relevant and influential in the community at large. Among the leaders present were Javier Palomarez, President of the USHCC, Charles Patrick Garcia, CEO of ALPFA, Andre Arbelaez President of HiTech, Antonio Tijerino, Executive Director of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Elena Rios, President of the National Hispanic Medical Association. Approximately 20 leaders gathered to discuss strategies, bring ideas to the table and highlight current issues Latinos need to place emphasis on. I was sincerely impressed to see so many leaders all at once, it was a truly unique moment.

Some of the issues discussed were:

--The need to bring Latino Leaders together more often to discuss and agree on common issues.


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