A conversation with the publisher.

Author:Ferraez, Jorge

We saw Marcelo Claure at the USHCC Convention in Houston in September 2015. Although we had heard many good stories about him and his company, Telecom giant Sprint, we had never met him in person. He was a speaker in a panel and was sharing his views and strategies as a CEO. His conversation struck me for his down to earth and practical approach to lead a team. A very different discussion than most other CEO's, whose speeches on panels are rigid and complicated. Marcelo engaged with the audience in a very particular way and told a great story.

So, after his speech, we had the chance to meet him. We told him that we would like to interview him for this edition. The Cover story of the February-March edition you have in front of you is the result of a great conversation between him and our editor Joseph Trevino in December 2015 in Kansas City. We hope you like it, for he's one of the few Latinos leading a Telecom company. Marcelo is definitively a...

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