Convention planning begins here.

Author:Dwyer-Owens, Dina
Position:IN THIS ISSUE - Business relations management meetings

As technology continues to connect people faster and in more dynamic ways, face-to-face communication may seem to be disappearing. But members of the franchising community understand that bringing together franchisor-franchisee audiences in an energetic and inviting setting holds tangible benefits as well.

The benefits include enhancing the professional relationship, building trust through networking and boosting franchisees' confidence by observing the positive results of the efforts that produced an outstanding event, it becomes obvious that meetings, and especially franchise conventions, help to reinforce a solid foundation; careful planning is an essential part of the process.

This issue of Franchising World offers key points to consider when planning your next convention. For example, employing social media to promote your upcoming convention, notes Creative Producers Group's Steve Friedman, can be a terrific approach to "generating buzz and excitement to help increase attendance, and providing tools for greater interactivity, message deliverY, retention and motivation."

Much of that buzz can be created by featuring top speakers. "Securing great speakers and entertainment gives your audience a shared experience and way to relate to each other," writes Leading Authorities' Mark French, who provides key advice.

With the International Franchise Association's Annual Convention less than three months away, now's the time to learn how to incorporate proven steps that the association's Conferences Dept. uses to forecast attendance, negotiate concessions and generate revenue, outlined in "IFA Convention...

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