Integrated controller improves crankshaft rolling machine.

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As diesel engines are increasingly required to have greater output at smaller sizes, engine parts manufacturers are seeking new ways to efficiently meet these criteria in their production environments. Crankshaft manufacturers, for example, are constantly driven to improve product strength, reliability, and quality. One way they achieve this is by applying external forces to the crankshaft's surface to reduce fatigue.

Ingersoll CM Systems Inc. of Midland, MI, is a leading developer of crankshaft manufacturing systems and machinery. The company produces special equipment used in automotive crankshaft manufacturing, including its crankshaft deep-fillet rolling machines. The purpose of the crankshaft deep-fillet rolling machine is to induce compressive residual stress at and below the surface of the crankshaft being rolled. The method has been used in the automotive, truck, and offroad industries for many years, and has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective method to improve the fatigue strength of crankshafts.

Previously, Ingersoll's rolling machines used separate control cards for each of the 13 axes of motion, which meant a larger processing area on the machine, expansive cabinet space for individual controllers, and excessive wiring for components and I/O. But as crankshafts have become more compact, Ingersoll wanted its next generation of crankshaft rolling machines to be more compact. Ingersoll, which has a longstanding relationship with Bosch Rexroth Corporation, called upon the company's Hydraulics and Electric Drives and Controls technology groups to provide an innovative control solution that would help them satisfy industry demands for greater crankshaft strength and precision as well as faster crankshaft production. Ingersoll used Rexroth's IAC-R Integrated Axis Controller proportional valves with integrated motion control on the hydraulic axes and combined them with a Rexroth IndraMotion MTX controller to achieve a design 25 percent more compact. The new design not only produces the crankshaft strength and precision Ingersoll's customers demand, but also saves space on the factory floor.

A hot idea

To understand the impact of integrated motion control used in Ingersoll's crankshaft deep-fillet rolling machine, consider the function of the machine and how it operates.

As the name would imply, the crankshaft deep-fillet rolling machine rolls or "cold works" the fillets or undercuts located at each end of...

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