Control not the answer.

Author:Heinen, Larry
Position:Letters to the editor - Letter to the editor

I agree with Mr. Douglas Grindstaff from Columbia, Mo., but I disagree with his method ("There's The Door," Letters, Dec. 2006). This is still the land of free enterprise. Fixing prices, which is about what he is suggesting, amounts to being guaranteed a profit. Whoever told you when you went into business you would be a success? Find new ways. Believe me. new ways are there for the taking.

I have been in the gun business for over 35 years and I have met those gun show "slut dealers" many times. I sell myself. The idea of having a company demand you have a storefront and all kind of other things in order to do business is a step in the wrong direction. I had a storefront for over 20 years in two different states and I dealt with many salespeople who would walk into my store and want to sell me their product only if I would conform to their standards. Guess what I told them?


Remember this, Mr. Grindstaff...

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