Author:Sivasubramanian, Subbiah
Position:Case study


This open Access initiative and started long back but it is very useful momentum only after 1990 as with the increase of Net usage the applicability of Open Access research publication also slowly increased. In all Universities College and Research Institutes Open Access of Literature is free availability of Net user can read, copy, download and print distribute etc., This Open Access System it can be easily accessed and retrieved anytime, anywhere, and helps in increasing the clean visibility of the individual research. In India all the Higher educations Institutions are own interest developing Institutional Repository to manage the thesis and dissertations, and other research materials are available. Shodhganga is a digital Open Repository of our Indian Electronic Systems. This Thesis and Dissertations and other all related work done by Information for Library Network (INFLIBNET). This output repository maintained by INFLIBNET Centre using Dspace software Open source digital repository systems.

Review of Literature

Gavita Jhamb and Abdus Samin (2017) in this articles very most highlighted the contribution of Centre Universities of India. The year wise, and subject wise Contributions have been enlisted and analyzed in the articles. Kumar (2015) highlighted the current status of digital version of Thesis and Dissertations of Indian Universities as well as in Shodhganga. Sengupta (2015) his articles reported the status of Electronic Thesis and dissertations and contributions of Universities of Maharastra. It found that out of 45 Universities in Maharastra on ly 50% have signed MoU with Shodhganga. The Top three universities are followed by Shivaji Universities 412, Baba Amaravati Universities 312 and Pune Universities 290. Sivakumaran (2015) have reported the Electronic Thesis and Dissertations deposited INFLIBNET Shodhganga. It is found that more than 32000 Thesis and Dissertations have been deposited on various discipline by 201 universities. Das and Saikia (2014) highlighted current status and contributions of Universities of Assam also registered Shodhganga, In Assam 16 Universities out of these only three are contributing to the Shodhganga INFLIBNET,

Objectifies of the Study

  1. To find out number of Tamil Nadu State Universities which have signed MoU with Shodhganga and total number of Thesis and Dissertations contributed by all these Tamil Nadu State Universities.

  2. To find out Top Ten Tamil Nadu State Universities in accordance with the number of Thesis and Dissertations contributed by them to Shodhganga INFLIBNET.

  3. To find out the number of Thesis and Dissertations contributed by the department of each Universities and rank them accordingly.

  4. To find out the leading facilities of the respective Tamil Nadu State Universities for basis of their contributions.


This study above objectives an extensive study of the Shodhganga repository was carried out. Only Tamil Nadu State all Universities (Arts, Science, Medical, Law Agriculture, Engineering and Sports) are selected for this study and data was collected Universities wise and Department wise. This data was collected for Shodhgang, INFLIBNET website till on 13.09.2017 and presented in the form of Tables and figures and analyzed using simple percentage. The Top 10 Tamil Nadu all Universities were selected 33 Tami lNadu State Universities have signed MoU with Shodhganga.

From table 1 and figure 1 it can be seen that out of 33 Universities, Anna Universities ranked first as it has contributed the maximum number of these 5346 (25.6%) in shodhganga followed by Manonmaniam Sundaranar Universities whose ranked second place contribution is 3355(16%). Further it is found that Bharathiyar Universities ranks...

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