Contracts Time-barred.

Byline: Derek Hawkins

WI Court of Appeals District IV

Case Name: Patrick S. Sweeney, et al., v. Frank Liquor Co. Inc., et al.,

Case No.: 2020AP435

Officials: Kloppenburg, Fitzpatrick, and Graham, JJ.

Focus: Contracts Time-barred

Patrick S. Sweeney appeals a final order and judgment dismissing his claims against Frank Liquor Co. Inc., Fairview Ridge LLC, Fairview Ridge II LLC, Fairview Ridge III LLC, Joel Frank, Janna Frank, and Justin Frank. Sweeney's claims arise out of a business relationship he had with Joel Frank and Frank Liquor, which spanned several years and ended no later than 2013. Sweeney alleges that he is owed various fees for management and consulting work.

We conclude that the circuit court correctly determined that Sweeney's claims against...

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