Author:Downie, Andrew
Position:Radar - Brief Article

A team of Brazilian scientists says it has discovered an Ethiopian coffee bean with only 6% of the caffeine of normal beans, heralding the end of sleepless nights for coffee drinkers. Not to mention coffee companies, which spend millions of dollars to leach caffeine from green coffee beans to make decaf--10% of the multibillion dollar world coffee market. * Demand is high: The Japanese are at work on genetically modified buzz-free bean. But the news of a naturally caffeine-free bean has instead brought headaches. Coffee drinkers may have found the holy grain, but the man behind the discovery, Paulo Mazzafera of Brazil's University of Campinas, was shocked to read newspaper reports that the Ethiopians accused him of stealing the beans. They demanded a cut of any profits. * "It caused us problems because bio-piracy is robbery," says Mazzafera. "It is not...

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