Continuity is king in local marketing: consistency of message is the foundation for local marketing success and significantly more valuable than any idea, price point or promotion.

Author:McKiernan, Kerry

Local marketing success has little to do with big ideas and everything to do with good decision making, plan consistency and consumer relevance. Influencing consumer buying behavior is a process. Getting someone to hear you, understand you and react to you takes time. There are no magic potions or silver bullets. Individual tactics succeed one week and fail the next. The foundation for sustainable local marketing success is message continuity (consistency) across all media channels. In the simplest terms, frequency is the highest strategic priority in a local marketing plan. Saying the same thing in the same way, to the same target in the same geography is absolutely essential. Plan for continuity. Plan for success.

For many advertisers, advertising planning is something they do in their heads, not on paper. They make emotional decisions based on trends, competitive activity, immediate circumstances or personal tastes. Emotion is the root of poor decision making and leads to inconsistency in message, which then leads to lack of relevance and lack of understanding at consumer level. More importantly, it all leads to lack of frequency.


Continuity is king and the throne of continuity is a disciplined planning process and message alignment across multiple...

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