Continuing to Evolve

AuthorDavid J. Dawsey
Published in Landslide® magazine, Volume 10, Number 1 , a publication of the ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law (ABA-IPL), ©2017 by the American Bar Association. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved. This
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Continuing to Evolve
s we begin our tenth anniversary
year, Landslide magazine keeps
putting an eye on our industry
and practice. While intellectual property
evolves, so do we by bringing our read-
ers the most current issues and highest
quality content in fresh ways.
This f‌lagship publication, a benef‌it of
Section membership, is dedicated to
covering and analyzing the subjects in
all areas of IP law and to presenting con-
tent that informs, educates, and provides
solutions for best practice. We continue
to address the changing IP world.
Our premier issue began with “Virtual
Worlds,” a hot topic then that has dra-
matically expanded in this decade. In
that issue, Tom Goldstein wrote about
how the US Supreme Court pressed the
Federal Circuit to consider the question
of obviousness more f‌lexibly and more
cost-effectively. In our f‌irst issue, we con-
sidered the results of the TEACH Act for its effects on long-distance learning, and we
presented the question “Traditional Contours of Copyright: Silver Lining or Storm Clouds?”
Look how much has changed since then.
We are proud that Landslide magazine has reached such high recognition in the IP com-
munity and beyond. This publication will keep challenging readers as we watch and
analyze all the developments in the IP industry and practice, in all branches of govern
ment, and in the courts.
It is f‌itting that this anniversary issue presents growth and changing perspectives: looking
at the history of the US Court of Federal Claims, addressing the effect of the fall of Form
18, and presenting a thought-provoking argument for computer inventorship.
On behalf of our Editorial Board, I am proud to greet you as Landslide magazine’s f‌ifth
editor-in-chief. We pledge to continue to provide you with superior content—and, always,
a great read.
—David J. Dawsey

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