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Attention Editors and Reporters!

by Jason Kincy

  1. The following are good strategies for getting positive media coverage EXCEPT for:

    [] Get to know the local media.

    [] Build a relationship with the media owner.

    [] Uncover the needs of local media.

    [] Help the local media to meet their needs.

  2. As part of a media relations plan, all bank employees should be trained to:

    [] Respond immediately whenever they are asked a question by the media.

    [] Respond "no comment" if the question involves a controversial issue.

    [] Forward all media inquiries to the bank president.

    [] Forward all media inquiries to a designated person.

  3. An important piece of information that a bank should know about each local media is:

    [] How much advertising the bank buys from this media.

    [] Does someone at the bank know the ad sales director?

    [] Who makes the decision about what news gets covered?

    [] Why the media has not used all the bank's press releases in the past.

    Time to Tweet?

    by Meagan Fish

  4. The best way to understand Twitter is to:

    [] Read the Twitter manual. [] Take a training class.

    [] Become a personal user. [] Have a Generation Y person explain it.

  5. Once your bank has followers on Twitter, it is a best practice to:

    [] Refollow these users.

    [] Immediately thank them.

    [] Send them an appreciation gift.

    [] Ask them to take a survey on Twitter.

  6. Retweets are important to your bank because you can:

    [] Correct inaccurate information.

    [] Send a message to a targeted audience.

    [] Expand on a message that wasn't complete the first time.

    [] Share a...

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