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The Continuing Education quiz in ABA Bank Marketing and Sales magazine provides up to 10 continuing education credits peryearto Certified Financial Marketing Professionals (CFMPs). Each quiz consists of 10 questions taken from the articles in each issue and have been preapproved by the ICB for 1.0 credit per quiz. You must correctly answer seven out of the 10 questions to receive the credit.

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Leadership from the Heart

By Tommy Spaulding

  1. Heart-led leadership leads to greater results for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:

    1. It emphasizes accomplishments.

    2. It influences the world.

    3. It encourages.

    4. It inspires.

  2. Acquiring heart-led leadership isn't about developing the specific traits in your life--such as authenticity, empathy, etc.--but rather, about:

    1. The discipline to do things differently.

    2. The experiences that created these traits.

    3. The ability to innovate.

    4. The flexibility to adapt.

  3. Our goals and decisions are based on our:

    1. knowledge.

    2. perception.

    3. attitude.

    4. experiences.

    What is the Value of a Bank's Brand?

    By Amanda Karfakis

  4. To evaluate a bank's brand presence, look at its:

    1. Advertising.

    2. Customer satisfaction ratings.

    3. Overall marketing messaging and brand look across all channels.

    4. Two-way communications between bank employees and their customers.

  5. All of the following factors should be used to evaluate the ease of navigation of a website EXCEPT:

    1. Accessibility of navigation options.

    2. The channeling of viewers in a desired direction.

    3. Logically titled navigation options.

    4. Load time.

  6. Having lots of newsworthy updates on your website shows all of the following EXCEPT:

    1. The bank is antiquated.

    2. You have lots of customers interacting with the brand.

    3. You have customers who are so involved that they are demanding new content.

    4. You have customers who trust the bank.

    Dynamic and Frequently Updated

    By Amy Delaney

  7. All of the following were website redesign goals for...

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