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The Continuing Education quiz in ABA Bank Marketing and Sales magazine provides up to 10 continuing education credits per yearto Certified Financial Marketing Professionals (CFMPs). Each quiz consists of 10 questions taken from the articles in each issue and have been preapproved by the ICB for 1.0 credit per quiz. You must correctly answer seven out of the 10 questions to receive the credit.

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Attracting Quality Customers

By Achim Griesel

  1. All of the following are aspects of a good checking product EXCEPT that it is:

    1. A good deal for the customer.

    2. Suitable for a variety of people.

    3. Easy for the customer to understand.

    4. Able to make money for the bank.

  2. An effective incentive for a prospect to choose your bank over competitors is:

    1. A simple gift.

    2. Cash.

    3. Customer experience.

    4. A rate promotion.

  3. Banks developing a customer acquisition program can borrow a tactic from retailers who hold events on national holidays by:

    1. Remaining open on Labor Day.

    2. Sponsoring a lottery.

    3. Giving away free food.

    4. Holding a promotional event.

    Do You Need Big Data?

    By Walt Albro

  4. The biggest challenge facing implementation of the Customer Retention On-Boarding Program was getting relationship managers to:

    1. Gather adequate information.

    2. Share customer information.

    3. Develop appropriate wording for questions.

    4. Identify appropriate prospects to meet with.

  5. The bank took all of the following steps to implement the Customer Retention On-boarding Program EXCEPT for:

    1. Obtaining top-management buy-in.

    2. Investing in CRM upgrades to handle the new load.

    3. Scheduleing relationship manager visits to customers.

    4. Assigning one person to oversee collection and distribution of CRM data.

    It's Not Your Brand . . .

    By Gina Bleedom

  6. Successful marketing campaign result primarily from the:

    1. Expression of the bank's key strengths.

    2. Identification of key things that customers want.

    3. Transmission of the message on smartphones...

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